My name is Dominik Sostaric and I'm a carpenter. I have finished school for restorers and practice in this area for several years. This job started because of my love for the furniture in a way that when I was a boy I was assembled furniture for my father who has a furniture store „Solid wood“, and with 21 years old I opening my crafts. Education and long experience guarantee a professional and well done job. I perform disinfection, doing all kinds of repair of the old antique furniture, paper mill, veneer, hand-knit rattan and polish. For the final step I recommend and usually use shellac polish and according to customer refinish furniture and fear.

The restoration is a profession or activity dedicated to the preservation of antique furniture, using any method that has proved successful in maintaining the subject in a state as close to the original as long as possible. Of great importance for the restoration of furniture is the knowledge of the causes of deterioration, furniture history, knowledge of the techniques of making and decorating, and most of the practice itself. Basic operations of restoration as replacement of missing or torn elements lining splicing, bonding, decoration (gilding) and topcoat. Restoration Šoštarić offers all the repair of old furniture including rattan handicraft, upholstery, turning and polishing. With polish we offer varnishing and painting. All images of our furniture and our work can be seen in the gallery, and if you want to learn more about specific steps to restore the look of the short stories described.

Shellac polishes

Polishing shellac is a unique and somewhat forgotten way of coating furniture. Shellac is, in fact, a natural resin produced by pricking the ears of the females in the branches of trees istočnoindijskog (special types) which then leaks balm when dry scrape with branches. Further processing are obtained thin plates and strips which are then melted in pure alcohol and applied to furniture. The traditional ways of polishing gives shine and brings to life the old furniture and we him and enable.


Rattan is the term for about 600 species of palm trees, and distinguished by its slender stabiljci of 2-5 cm in diameter. Many rattan have spines which act as hooks to aid in climbing, and the length of rattan reaches up to several hundred meters. Extensively used for making furniture and baskets, accepts the application of colors, and can be formed in Mong styles such as the inner core can be separated and converted into wicker. This feature rattan used to fortify old furniture and do it manually which gives it a more beautiful look. In fact it was a very well-known technique in the factory that produced Thonet chairs bent and sewed their seats. The most commonly used width of 1-2 mm, depending on the model chairs, knitting and just takes time, patience and love. Today, knitting rattan, and to what hand, a bit of a forgotten technique and few people with these deals. The very possibility that his seat back in its time, just like your home decorating with something a little unusual, we just provide you.

Basic data about craft

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